I’ve been playing bass since I was 15. I started on U2’s Joshua Tree, which was something I listened to a lot, and conveniently seemed to have been written with the new bassist in mind! I bought the book of bass tabs for the album, and off I went. I was so chuffed when I could play all of With or Without You right through! There was a sequence of four notes repeated, and a slide, so I was so happy to have mastered it.

Aside from a fun but ultimately unsuccessful attempt at forming a band as a teenager (we really weren’t very good), I’ve been playing at my church most Sunday mornings in the years since then. It’s good, it’s meaningful, but it isn’t rock and roll! Things changed in the summer of 2017: just as my evenings became free due to a change in my shifts I got a phone call from a former colleague who I hadn’t spoken to for years. “I’ve got some friends who have a band, and they need a bass player – are you interested?” Turns out I was. I met Keith, Doug and Jane one evening, made some noise with them, and was equally surprised and excited when they still wanted me to join them! Nik, our singer, joined around the same time, and so The Alchemists began playing in our current form.

I’ve loved the ride since then. We’ve been ironing out the wrinkles in our existing set list – and adding to it, giving us a real range of material to work with. There is so much great music out there, and it’s a real buzz to add our take on it and see others enjoying what we do. We really do feed off of the energy of the crowd, which then gives our music more life. I’m loving this new part of my life – long may it continue!