Plague Hits The Alchemists!

One by one, the members of The Alchemists have been struck down by the latest bug doing the rounds. First Dave was stricken, then, in an act of unparalleled generosity, he shared it with the others. Keith and Nik were next to fall, which gives us our problem. A bass player with a sore throat […]

Busy Times Ahead

The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy for us. We have seven gigs in the next four weeks! OK, so we’re not quite matching a Rolling Stones tour, but it’s quite a time when we still have to do our day job (those of us that still have one!). We’re looking forward […]

What a ride!

I’ve been playing bass since I was 15. I started on U2’s Joshua Tree, which was something I listened to a lot, and conveniently seemed to have been written with the new bassist in mind! I bought the book of bass tabs for the album, and off I went. I was so chuffed when I could […]